ICMS Tax Benefits for Imports from Paraná State

Legal Basis: State Decree 6.434/2017


Incentive aimed at establishments in Paraná that carry out resale operations for imported goods through ports and airports in Paraná state with customs clearance in the state.



Total deferral of ICMS due on imports;

Presumed ICMS credit can be granted reducing the effective rate to 1.5%.



Minimum investment of R$360,000.00 in the State [*];

Conditional on the payment of 0,40% (four tenths percent) of the calculation basis of the benefited operation, as a specific fund.


[*] Investments considered

I – It is considered as an investment the sum of the amounts spent on the execution of the project and on the acquisition of fixed assets related to the business activity, such as: land, buildings, machinery, apparatus and equipment for electronic data processing, including the applications that integrate it, furniture and fixtures, tools and vehicles for professional use, including in the “leasing” mode.

II – Investments in Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I), directly or by third parties, will also be considered as investments, provided that they are fully applied in Paraná, and that the projects have been submitted for approval by the State, as to interest and applicability, having in view of sectoral planning. Investments in RD&I must be segregated in accounting by project and will only be considered costs, including personnel, directly involved in the project, subject to verification by the State.

Investments not considered

I – Operating and non-operating expenses, even if related to the project;

II – Machinery and equipment maintenance expenses;

III – Expenses incurred in a different location from the enterprise;

IV – Payment of labor, unless directly related to the construction and installation of the project’s buildings;

V – Shipping and insurance;

VI – Property, plant and equipment received in transfer from an establishment located in the territory of Paraná;

VII – Those carried out in a period preceding the 24 months prior to the date of filing the application for inclusion in the Program.

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